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出自: Forbank Electron Co.,ltd  2009/07/18
關鍵字 banknote counter, bill counter, coin counter

 Counterfeit Detector   FB-320 series   FB-320A:  UV (Ultraviolet) FB-320B : UV,MG(magnetic)  ,Water Mark FB-320C:  UV(Ultraviolet) ,MG(magnetic) and Water Mark,magnifier    Suitable for all currencies in the worldEasy and safe operationTwo fluorescent lamps with 6 watts and large space in detection area Dimensions:                    275mmX150mmX145mmNet Weight:                     1kgsSize of Carton:                58.7cmX34.2cmX49.7cm <12pcs>Gross Weight:                 15.4kgs <12pcs>Power Supply:                 AC220V 50Hz    AC110V 60HzPower Consumption:       11W

關鍵字 banknote counter, bill counter, coin counter, counterfeit detector, Money counter, money detector, money packing machine,

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