ICM3000 Money Scale

ICM3000 Money Scale發布自Sofitec Ltd.,

出自: Sofitec Ltd.,  2010/02/11
關鍵字 banknote counter, bill counter, coin counter

- The ICM 3000 is an all-round machine that will help you count your cash register in a few minutes! Where most money counters count coins or notes, the ICM 3000 counts both.
- From the smallest coin denomination to the largest banknote; the handy user interface will ask for coin and banknote types in the right order.
- The device will add up the amounts accurately and quickly.
- The total amount, the numbers and the amount per coin and banknote type can be read on the illuminated LCD screen right away and print the counting result with connection with the printer.
- The ICM 3000 features counting for 3 default currencies. Its built-in USB port enables easy installation of other world currencies.

- Counts both coins and banknotes. 
- 3 selectable currencies built-in: i.e. EUR, USD, GBP. 
- Software for all world currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, CHF, AUD... 
- Built-in USB interface for easy currency updates. 
- PC software to display, store and print counting results.  
- Weighing and counting function for non-cash items: i.e. Coupon, voucher...  
- Large LCD screen with white backlight. 
-  Full count breakdown displayed.  
- Works on 9V battery or power adapter.
- Weight: 0,7kg. 
- With printer port to connect serial receipt printer.  
- CE, FCC, PAHS, RoHS approval (UL pending)

- ICM3000.
- User manual.
- Calibration manual.
- Money hook.
- Coin tray.
- AC/DC adapter.
- USB cable.
- 500g weight for calibration used.

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