CNC Machining Precision Parts & Accessories

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出自: Etco International Co., Ltd.  2013/08/26
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Specialists in the manufacturing of mechanical components and metal parts for varies machines and industrial application :- ~High precision mechanical parts using CNC machine center and CNC Swiss type lathe from medium to large quantity (Material: stainless steel, mild steel, copper and aluminum etc) ~Manufacturing of components as according to customer specification

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Automatic Sewing Machinine and Parts

Specialists in the design and manufacturing of mechanical projects such as:- ~Custom design machinery & PLC machines (e.g. LCDs’ manufacturing

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Jig and Fixture

Specialists in the design and manufacturing of Tool and Fixture :- ~From simple to complex, manual to semi auto fixture

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Tool, Fixture and Machine Sub-Ass'y

Machinery, product design, manufacturing and assembly. Presision Parts Machining