Magic Mirror LED Light Box

出自: Aoying Display Products Co., LTD  2010/01/27
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   Magic Mirror LED Light Box with Sensor, magic mirror, crystal light box, magic mirror, led advertising light box 1.The magic mirror is a new decoration conceptand medium for advertising; it is novelty, useful, high class and fashionable. 2.It is made up byimported plating film glass, excellent light guidepanel, high brightness acrylic frame infraredsensor and LED lights.   3.It can be used as light box when the light is on, when somebody apporaches, it will become a mirror. 4.Once the person walk away, the advertisement will reappear. 5.Application: Bars, Clubs, washrooms, showrooms, hotels, etc. Description: Model No. : LW-CC-A2, LW-CC-A2, LW-CC-A3 , LW-CC-A4 NW (KG) : 7.8(A1), 4.3(A2), 2.5(A3), 1.3(A4) Watt (W): 12.3(A1), 7.8 (A2), 3.6 (A3), 1.8 (A4)  

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