LED Writing Board

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出自: Aoying Display Products Co., LTD  2010/01/27
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   LED Writing Board, writing board, ultra slim light box, slim light box, light box, advertising light box, led product 1.This Magic Board is designed for freelance drawing and writing advertising display, you can erase and edit your artwork at any time and it can even be written by hand! 2.Due to the effect of the fluorescent marker, the writingcan have colourful and amazing brightness like thoseof the high brightness LED board. 3.This user friendly advertising board serves manyadvantages, such as low power consumption, fire-resistant, portable & low cost. The board is also easy to erase with soft and smooth cloth. 4.Application: Bars, cafes, clubs, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, exhibition halls, etc. 18” X 18”  

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