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出自: Aoying Display Products Co., LTD  2010/01/27
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   Crystal LED Light Box, ultra slim light box, light box, light boxes, LED light box, slim light box, light box signs 1.Appears to be a panel or picture frame rather than“a box on the wall”. 2.Clear frame, as fine as crystal, smooth, even, with a brilliant, natural light spread. 3.LED optical-panel used for a great even illumination. 4.Easy to change and install graphic. 5.Can be mounted or hung on the wall. 6.Stylish designed to grab attention and maximize promotional effects. 7.Perfect for indoor promotional application: banks, hotels, restaurants. Description: Model No. : LW-CA-A1, LW-CA-A2 , LW-CA-A3 NW (KG) : 7.8(A1), 4.3(A2), 2.5(A3) Watt (W): 12.3(A1), 7.8 (A2), 3.6 (A3)  

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