Crystal Double Sided LED Light Box

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出自: Aoying Display Products Co., LTD  2010/01/27
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   Crystal Double Sided LED Light Box, light box sign, display light box, light box signs, color light box, light box displays, led display 1.Adopt double sided light guide panel 2.Open front cover by unscrewing them to change the inserts 3.Two or more pieces of double sided light box can be hung by connecting pole or steel wire ropes. 4.Using high quality cold light to protect the picture from becoming dirty and also durable. 5. Available in various sizesSaving the advertising space. 6.Application:Business centers, supermarkets, chain stores, showrooms, company signs, gift stores, home decoration, etc. Description: Model No. : LW-CA-A2DS1, LW-CA-A3DS2 NW (KG) : 9(A2DS1), 7(A3DS2) Watt (W): 15(A2DS1), 15(A3DS2)

關鍵字 dipslya product, led sign, Light Box,

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