4 wheel aligner (S350 Professional high-end model)

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出自: Red Box Techonology Co.,Ltd  2009/12/28
關鍵字 4 wheel aligner

 S350 Professional high-end model Voice navigation 19 inch LCD screen   sensor configuration PC-Free Measurement Mode remote control LCD digital display of battery capability,electronic horizeon, angle measurement LED electronic horizon reminding LED toe camber adjusting reminding 8 beam Anti-distrubance full loop measurement Sensor self-testing, individual changeable without calibration   Availabel Wheel align parameter measurement Front wheel Toe, Camber,   Kingpin caster, Kingpin SAI, hrust Angle, maxumim turn angle Wheelbase,track,setback,offset   special measurement program Any hang lift measurement Altimetry,counterweight VAG toe constant value measurement Intelligent measurement ultra-low chassis and refitted vehicles   conventional function Switch measurement interface by one key Calibrate parameters unit exchange Animatiion Suspension adjustment guidance User database Eccentricity Compensation Front wheel align measurement Animation operation guidance   special function fast measurement Self-test function when the calibration value is incorrect. the lift horizontal compensation sensor working log Voice Reminding system video guide radar system  Package S350 cabinet x1 Four-point centering wheel clip x4 Sensor x4 Computer x1 19 Inch LCD screen X1 Ink-jet printer x1 Mechanical turntable x2 Steering wheel fixed bracket x1 Braking fixed bracket  x1 Usermanual  x1

關鍵字 4 wheel aligner

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