4 wheel aligner(D600 Comprehensive model)

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出自: Red Box Techonology Co.,Ltd  2009/12/28
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 D600 Comprehensive model   Video cay guide system 32inch brand multi-function LCD screen     Tech Advantange   Unique Dual-Core measurement technology   Inner digital chip on the Intelligent sensors, the 3 inch lcd screen can display the real-time value of the  four wheels toe and camber angle without computer   Intelligent power management system     The intelligent power module on the sensor can Digital display the battery capability, switch to power saving dormancy status automatically when it is stand-by , cut the power automatically when charging finish to avoid overcharging.     Video radar assist car enter system   The 180°wild-angle camera and 32 inch led can help the driver to drive the car into the right measurement position     Electronic horizontal angle measurement system   Using high-precision two-axis electronic angle sensor, horizon and angle precision is 0.01mm/m,individual toe measurement precision is ±0.01°and repeated measurement error ±0.04°   Special function application Horizontal error compensation for lift, remote control operation by four buttons on the sensor , automatically recognition of ultra-low chassis, kingpin dynamic adjustment and living cast independent measurement of front wheel, measurement interface switching by one key  Standard Package D600 cabinet x1 Four-point centering wheel clip x4 Sensor x4 Computer x1 32Inch LCD screen X1 Ink-jet printer x1 Mechanical turntable x2 Steering wheel fixed bracket x1 Braking fixed bracket x1 Usermanual x1

關鍵字 4 wheel aligner

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