screen printing mesh for ceramics

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出自: Anyida(Shanghai)Hardware Mesh Co.,Ltd  2011/05/03
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 Polyester Printing Screen Fabric is one of the most advanced high-tech fabric products in 1990s for screen printing. With imported high quality material, We also have the most advanced testing instruments and technicians well trained by Swiss experts to guarantee a reliable quality.
General Specification of Polyester Mesh: We provide polyester mesh for screen printing with a mesh variety of 60mesh/ inch,80mesh, inch 100mesh/ inch,110mesh/ inch,120mesh/ inch,135mesh/ inch,160mesh/ inch,180mesh/ inch,200mesh/ inch,230mesh/ inch,250mesh/ inch,280mesh/ inch,305mesh/ inch,355mesh/ inch,380mesh/ inch,420mesh/ inch. Width of polyester printing mesh: Max. width: 3200mm. We may also take orders to produce polyester fiber mesh with other special requirements.

關鍵字 polyester printing screen mesh, 印刷网,

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