ConstEdit is now freeware

ConstEdit is now freeware發布自ConstEdit Software

出自: ConstEdit Software  2017/02/07
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ConstEdit is updated to version 2.9.9 and is now free for all purposes of use. The License Agreement Dialog and the End User License Agreement are updated to reflect the change.
Final Version Of ConstEdit Utilizing XULRunner

Because of the strategy of Mozilla Foundation to deprecate their XPCOM technology, we are facing a direct setback on the future availability of the interfaces with the underlying rendering engine of ConstEdit. We are therefore looking into migrating to another rendering engine. We haven't reached the final decision on the future direction yet. There are too many unknowns at present. Technologies are changing really fast.

To express our appreciation of your support since ConstEdit debuted in 2013, we are making the current version of the app totally free. You may use the app for whatever purposes as you like. Please note however that this will be the final version of ConstEdit that is based on XULRunner of Mozilla Foundation. There will be no more update to this version.

Future Version Of ConstEdit

Please be assured that ConstEdit will rise again as an Html document word processor, though very likely with another web-browser as the rendering engine. We will still be sticking to using Html5 as the document format. It can be expected that the initial version of the future software will have very close resemblance to the current version, in terms of functionality and compatibility.

In the meantime, we sincerely hope that you are satisfied with using this free version of ConstEdit. Please stay tuned. This website will be kept updated with our decisions on the new version of the software.

You can also find the announcement at our homepage

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ConstEdit is upgraded to 2.6.1

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ConstEdit Html Document Editor is updated to version 2.6.

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ConstEdit v2.5.6 is released

ConstEdit v2.5.6 is released.

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ConstEdit Html Word Processor v2.5.2 is here發布自ConstEdit Software 縮略圖

ConstEdit Html Word Processor v2.5.2 is here

ConstEdit Html Word Processor v2.5.2 is here.

ConstEdit Html Word Processor v2.5.1 is available發布自ConstEdit Software 縮略圖

ConstEdit Html Word Processor v2.5.1 is available

A bug-fixing update of ConstEdit Html Word Processor v2.5.1 is released.

ConstEdit 2.5 is released發布自ConstEdit Software 縮略圖

ConstEdit 2.5 is released

ConstEdit is fully compatible with Windows 10 and no longer has any dependency on Internet Explorer.

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ConstEdit v2.0.1 Update

ConstEdit v2.0.1 is now available.

Our Privacy Policy發布自ConstEdit Software 縮略圖

Our Privacy Policy

A new page showing our Privacy Policy is added to our homepage.

Our Privacy Policy發布自ConstEdit Software 縮略圖

Our Privacy Policy

A new page showing our privacy policy is added to our website