SICNT | MASHEN 681 Mini H.264 4/8 Channels DVR

SICNT | MASHEN 681 Mini H.264 4/8 Channels DVR發布自SICNT

出自: SICNT  2014/01/02
關鍵字 Security, dvr, recorder

The MASHEN 681 DVR can be configured to start recording on detecting motion, or recording can be manually activated. This DVR offers advanced features and intuitive design in compact size, easy-to-use setup menu, giving you the ultimate DVR for flexibility and control. Easily play back video from any Windows PC with the included software, or play back directly from the DVR and view on mobiles. The audio inputs and 1 audio output allow you to listen to fully synced audio. Conveniently export via USB or onto your network in AVI or MP4 format. It is ideal for both small to medium sized business security and day- to-day projects. Features - H.264 Recording - CIF, D1 Recording Resolutions - Maximum Record Rate up to 200/240 fps - Full D1 Live Real Time Display - 1 x BNC Monitor Output - 1 x VGA Monitor Output - Up to 4TB HDD - Multiplex Operations - Mobile Connectivity - Audio Recording & Playback To explore more about MASHEN 681 -

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