hydraulic hose fitting and adapters

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 hydraulic hose fitting: We are Hydraulic fitting(hose coupling,),Industrial hose fittings,BSP Adaptors,Flare Fittings,ORFS Adaptors with a vast range of fittings manufacturer and main exporter in China.The material are mainly carbon steel,stainess steel and brass .And the fittings specializes in the conversion of threaded fluid connectors, between domestic (JIC, NPT, ORFS, SAE ) and foreign (BSP, JIS, Kobelco, Komatsu, Metric) thread types. The detail products contents as follows: 1) METRIC ADAPTERS    JIS Metric Thread 60°Cone Adapters    Metric Thread O-RING Face Seal  Adapters    Metric Thread Bite Type Tube Adapters    Metric Thread  74°Cone Flared Tube Adapters 2) BRITISH ADAPTERS    JIS BSP Thread 60°Cone Adapters    BSP Thread 60°Cone Adapters    BSPT  Thread  Adapters 3) AMERICAN ADAPTERS    ORFS ADAPTERS    JIC  74°Cone Flared Tube Adapters    NPT  Thread Adapters 4) SWAGED METRIC FITTINGS   Metric Flat Seal Fittings         Metric Multiseal Fittings   Metric  60°Cone Seal Fittings       Metric  74°Cone Seal Fittings   Metric 24°Cone O-RING Seal L..T. Fittings      Metric 24°Cone O-RING Seal H.T. Fittings   JIS Metric 60°Cone Seal Fittings 5) SWAGED BRITISH FITTINGS   BSP O-RING Seal Fittings       BSP Flat Seal Fittings   BSP Multiseal Fittings           BSP 60°Cone Seal Fittings   JIS BSP 60°Cone Seal Fittings 6) SWAGED AMERICAN FITTINGS   SAE O-RING Seal Fittings       ORFS Flat Seal Fittings   NPSM 60°Cone Seal Fittings     JIC 74°Cone Seal Fittings   NPT Fittings       SAE Flange L.T. Fittings       SAE  Flange  H.T. Fittings 7) HOSE FERRULE   FERRULE  for SAE100R1AT/EN 853 1SN HOSE   FERRULE  for SAE100R1A EN 853 1ST HOSE   FERRULE  for SAE100R2AT/DIN20022 2SN HOSE   FERRULE  for SAE100R2A/EN853 2SN  HOSE   FERRULE  for SAE100R1AT-R2AT,EN853 1SN-2SN and EN 857 2SC   FERRULE  for 4SP, 4SH/10-16, R12/06-16 HOSE   FERRULE  for 4SH, R12/32 HOSE

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