New Zealand Jiabei mother liquor infant formula, Sec.

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關鍵字 奶粉, Milk powder, 嘉贝母液

gbmumya infant formula simulated breast milk nutrition, the use of a new concept in New Zealand, various nutritional factors with a reasonable, high breast-degree is designed for the baby developed a new generation of bionic breast milk milk gbmumya with a new formula for more balanced nutrition.gbmumya multiple nutrients gold with your baby healthy and smarter!2, gbmumya infant formula milk powder has also joined the lactose, gbmumya sugar content close to human milk; the Jiabei mother liquor to reduce the mineral content in order to reduce the burden of infant kidney; addition gbmumya added to the trace elements, vitamins, certain amino acids orother ingredients gbmumya, closer to human milk.* Gbmumya Diamond Kai Hui series, formula nutritionally balanced *.Milk do not add sugar, maltodextrin, does not add flavor, spices; milk smell a very mellow taste is very pure, because the milk the silty particularly fine therefore the solubility is also quite good (in the milk making process will not stick in the mixingdevice on) gbmumya milk conducive to the baby to digest, do not get angry, not constipation; gbmumya improve the immunity of the baby, the baby is healthy of course, less illness.

關鍵字 Milk powder, 嘉贝母液, 嘉贝母液奶粉, 嘉贝母液婴幼儿奶粉, 嘉贝母液婴幼儿配方奶粉, 奶粉, 海外奶粉, 进口奶粉, 进口配方奶粉,

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