出自: 1and1Soft, Ltd.  2010/10/19
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In 2005, 1and1Soft developed the first version of 1and1Mail email marketing software for our own business need of communicating with our loyal customers. Later we decided to commercialize 1and1Mail when we offered it as a free tool online and received hundreds of positive feedbacks in a short time.

1and1Mail now has three editions. For Free Edition, we have been offering the most powerful functions compared to all other email marketing software in the market. We, like you, hate to see a pop-up window asking for money every time you accidentally touch some advanced features. Instead, we simply set a limit on the number of emails you can send per batch. We believe 1and1Mail can help your business grow, and if that is the case, we would be quite happy if you purchase our Personal Edition or Business Edition to support your continuously growing business.

Internet has made the competition a lot fairer around the world. Small and medium business has the chance to outperform big giants through well-planned Internet marketing.

“I check my Facebook account only 3 times a day, but I check my email inbox every 15 minutes!” said one of 1and1Soft’s employees. We believe many of you have same feeling in life. Having grown with 1and1Mail for years, we 1and1Softers have a faith in email marketing and the benefits 1and1Mail can bring to all small and medium business worldwide.

1and1Mail is not just a piece of software, but we hope to offer a platform to share our years of experience with you, get connected with you, and grow with you.

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