Flight Video Camera

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出自: TianQi Technology Co., Ltd.  2010/06/13
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 R/C Enthusiast in Airplanes and Helicopters and Motorcycle Helmet Camera

1. Video Compression: 640x480.
2. Flash Frame rate: 30 Frame.
3. Voice Recording: Yes.                          
4. Insert SD Card/T-Flash card: 128MB-8GB

1. Can be used as USB storage device.
2. Videos can be uploaded to your PC via USB directly
3. from the PI-SpyCamStick.
4. Wide angle 3.6mm lens.
5. Nanny Camera / Recording Classroom Lectures
6. Residential Surveillance
7. Small Business Surveillance
8. Private Investigator Surveillance Missions
9. R/C Enthusiast in Airplanes and Helicopters
10. Sex Video Cam/ Motorcycle Helmet Camera
11. Great For Any Application Requiring Small Size and Portable Use

關鍵字 Flight Video Camera, FlyCamOne2, Spy Camera,

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