Flight Camera DV8

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 Flight Camera DV8, FlyCamOne8

R/C Enthusiast in Airplanes and Helicopters and Motorcycle Helmet Camera

1. Video Compression: 640x480.
2. Flash Frame rate: 30 Frame.
3. Voice Recording: Yes.                          
4. Insert SD Card/T-Flash card: 128MB-8GB

Voice Recording:   Yes
SD Card/T-Flash card: 128MB~8GB
Video File Size:   >500KB per minute
Recording Mode: Continuous recording until memory is full or manually off Adapter
Type:   USB adapter charging cable
Battery Type:   Lithium-ion Record
Time:   Up to 2 hours
Description: Evidence recording has never been made easier! The Micro spy camera is the smallest high resolution real time digital spy camcorder ever produced. Easy to use "one touch record" button lets you discretely record any evidence instantly. For the most discrete application the PI-SpyCamStick can even fit into a standard pack of chewing gum! High quality instant videos have never been easier! The Micro spy camera is a super compact video/audio camcorder. Smaller and lighter than a disposable cigarette lighter yet packed with high quality features. CamStick records Hi-Resolution (3gp) real time (15fps) video via its internal pin hole camera at the touch of a button. Recordings are stored on a tiny removable Micro SD card. Up to 33 hours of video can be recorded on a 1Gb Micro SD card. Internal rechargeable battery is recharged via USB connection. Records for over 2 hours on a single charge. Using the new state-of-the-art 3GP third generation format recordings can be played instantly on 3GP compatible cell phones and PDAs. 3gp videos can be played on any PC using free download players from Realtime or Quickplayer. Be the first in your area to have the world's smallest camcorder and covert video recording stick! Features: 1. Can be used as USB storage device. 2. Videos can be uploaded to your PC via USB directly 3. from the PI-SpyCamStick. 4. Wide angle 3.6mm lens. 5. Nanny Camera / Recording Classroom Lectures 6. Residential Surveillance 7. Small Business Surveillance 8. Private Investigator Surveillance Missions 9. R/C Enthusiast in Airplanes and Helicopters 10. Sex Video Cam/ Motorcycle Helmet Camera 11. Great For Any Application Requiring Small Size and Portable Use

Steps for Setting up the Micro Spy Cam Stick:
1. Insert the Micro SD card by pushing it firmly into the slot until it clicks into place. You may need to use your finger nail to push into slot until it clicks.
2. Set the HOLD button to the off setting
3. Press the power button to ON (shown at the left side). The power on indicator will light on “blue? which indicates the Mini Spy Cam Stick enters the ‘await orders state?
4. Press and hold the Record/Stop button down for 3 seconds. The Spy Cam Stick will now record video & voice and the Record light will be flashing green. Note: If you have not inserted the Micro 1GB SD Card supplied the green light will not flash.
5. Press and hold the Record/Stop button down for 3 seconds to stop recording video & audio. Note: Do NOT switch the power On/Off button to Off when the Mini Spy Cam Stick is recording because the data will not be saved!

關鍵字 Flight Camera DV8, Flight Video Camera, FlyCamOne2, FlyCamOne8, Spy Camera,

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