cell tester, rc toys accessory

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出自: TianQi Technology Co., Ltd.  2010/03/03
關鍵字 cell tester, RC toys accessory,

1. This checker can measure each cell voltage in 2S-6S LiPO/ LiFe/ LilO battery pack, the total voltage and voltage difference are displayed simultaneously.

2. Especially, this cell Alarm can show a warning buzzer and LED, when any cell voltage reaches any value you set in flight, or over 4.22V in charge.

3. The cell Alarm includes reverse polarity detection, and 2.54mm or 2.0mm pin distance connector for all kinds of batteries.

4. In flight, this cell alarm can alarm when any cell voltage under setup value, before flight please press the button setup the lowerest cell voltage and press for 3 seconds confirm.  

·Battery range: 2S-6S LiPO/ LiFe/ LilO
·Voltage display resolution: 0.001V
·Cell Voltage display range: 1.50V - 4.99V
·Total voltage display range: 3.00V – 29.94V
·Alarm cell voltage: 2.00V – 4.00V
·Current loading of test: 8mA
·Pins distance: 2.54mm or 2.0mm
·Dimension: 80*25*12 (mm)
·Weight: 12g

關鍵字 cell tester, RC toys accessory,

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