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出自: First-rate Mold Solution Co., Ltd  2010/04/14
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    First-rate mold company offers the following services:
* 1)Prototyping: CNC RP, SLA, SLS, Reverse Engineering, Vacuum Casting

* 2) Tooling/Mold making: Mold design, manufacturing, testing, modification for various type and size.

* 3) Molding/plastic parts production: injection molding and compression molding - Strict quality, fast response and on-time delivery. - Fluent English communication. - All RFQ submitted in 3 days or less.

* 4) Professional project management reports:  
1) <Part & Mold Analysis Report> before order  
2) <Weekly Progress Report> combine with process photo  
3) <Electrode Inspection Report> before first trail
4) <Molding Report> after each mold trail
5) <Mold Correction Report> after each mold trail
6) <Steel&Sample Inspection Report> after each mold trail - Complete check of mold operation and package before shipment. - The whole set certificates of steel and shipping documents. - Logistic: Import, Export, and Storage  
   First-rate mold company welcome you for any inquiry at any time,we are looking forward to being your reliable mold supplier in China, and hope to establish long-term win-win relationship together. If you want more information,
 please land our website: If you any need, please contact to me without hesitation.

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