Auto floor washing machine-AB-B2

Auto floor washing machine-AB-B2發布自China Win Group Co., Limited

出自: China Win Group Co., Limited  2010/06/05
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This product is an indispensable and ideal electrical machine for cleaning floor and is proud of humanized design, convenient and efficient brush plate handling system as well as large capacity water tank. Additionally, water tank is equipped with a foam suppression device to protect the water-absorbent motor from being damaged due to excessive foam. The brush plate is manufactured by the corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, with solidity and durability. Simple control panel makes the operation simple and easy and flexible. It is characterized in dual-brush plate design and high cleaning efficiency. The strong suction motor can synchronously pump the water. It is applied to clean the grounds of large plaza, supermarkets, airports, factories, warehouses and so on.  

Technical Parameter:

Model FW-AB-B2-650 FW-AB-B2-750 Voltage 24VDC 24VDC
Power 2110W 2110W Current 55A 55A
Speed 1.5~5km/h 1.5~5km/h
Cleaning width 650mm/26inch 750mm/30inch
Cleaning rate 1000~3250m2/h 1200~3800m2/h
Driving motor 24VDC  450W  7.5A 24VDC  450W  7.5A
Floor motor 24VDC  2X450W  20A 24VDC  2X450W  20A
Brush rotation speed 140rpm 140rpm
Water sucker motor 24VDC  600W  22A 24VDC  600W  22A
Sucking degree 180rpm 180rpm
Pressure pump 24VDC  3L/min  3A  100W 24VDC  3L/min  3A  100W
Floor brush motor 24VDC  60W  2.5A 24VDC  60W  2.5A
Water sucker 980mm 980mm
Battery 4X6V  250AH 4X6V  250AH
Charge time 7 Hour 7 Hour
Hours time 4.8 Hour 4.8 Hour
Clean water tank capacity 71L 71L
Dirty water tank capacity 85L 85L
Net weight 306kg 310kg
Size 1670X830X1130mm 1670X830X1130mm
Colour red、blue、gray red、blue、gray

關鍵字 auto cleaning machines, auto washing machines, automatic floor washing machines,

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