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出自: Champon Engineering Trading Company  2010/11/16
關鍵字 solid surface

------ 富家石 Fujiashi solid surface materials being established & manufactured in USA since 1995 ------ & transplanted to China 東莞 in 2004, while the exclusived China trade name solid surface -------materials Fujiashi brand 富家石品牌 are combined sold over a quarter million sheets per ------ annual to both oversea & China market. ------The solid surface material been under tested by ASTM/性能撿測. UL/安全標淮. VOC green ------guard test 環保標準 & NSF食品接触抗菌標準.respectfully. ------Introductory the about, 富家石比入口的相同RESIN Solid Surface materials 例龙如 Formica ------ ------Surrell & Wilsonart 便宜30-40% ,by way attached samples for your peruse.

關鍵字 solid surface

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