Hypsos to realise exhibition: 'Magic Planet' for Hong Kong Wetland Park

Hypsos to realise exhibition: 'Magic Planet' for Hong Kong Wetland Park發布自Hypsos Leisure Asia Ltd

出自: Hypsos Leisure Asia Ltd  2011/02/02
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As part of ’s enhancements to the existing facility, Hypsos developed and installed the “Magic Planet” exhibit, which opened to the public in March 2010.

After successful installations at the Beijing Olympics Johnson & Johnson Pavilion and the ’s Environmental Conservation Gallery, Hypsos once again teamed up with based Global Imagination to provide hardware and software content.

Featuring a spherical projection surface, the exhibit provides visitors and school children a fascinating view into global environmental topics such as climate change and highlights global initiatives shared among world wetland centres.

Hypsos designed and built the exhibit fixtures and worked with yU+co (lab) to provide custom content and touchscreen visitor interfaces.

Hypsos recently started development of a challenging new project, a 4D Theatre Experience at .

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關鍵字 Attractions management, exhbition design Hong Kong,

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