Bellini Cocktail

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Canella Bellini Peach Cocktail

From Venezia, Italy.
Bellini is a cocktail wine composed of Prosecco (Italian Sparkling Wine) + Fresh White Peaches juice and pulp + a few drop of raspberry juice that endows Bellini with its characteristic rosy hue. The cocktail is therefore bottled without adding any preservatives, sugar or artificial flavoring.
Alochol Content: 5%
Serve at temperature: 6-8° C
Bellini 是一種由意大利汽酒,加上新鮮的白桃果肉與汁液,再配上幾滴讓Bellini產生玫瑰紅色的紅莓汁所組成的雞尾酒。因此這瓶裝酒無需添加任何防腐劑,糖或人工調味料。
酒精含量: 5%
最佳享用溫度: 6-8° C

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