Woven Screen Printing Mesh Fabrics

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出自: MeshFiltration Co.,Ltd  2009/11/03
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From polyester or nylon filaments a calibrated mesh is woven with exact mesh openings. The size of the mesh opening, derived from the number of threads and the thread diameter, determines the filter capacity of a woven mesh. Our meshes offer high quality elongation characteristics and can be offered againts extremely competitive price.

Domestic applications

Monofilament mesh is widely used in the day-to-day domestic environment. Examples are woven teabags, dust filters in your tumble dryer and filters in your water boiler. MeshFiltration is able to offer all kinds of mesh shapes, acold punched, laser cut or heat slit, for all kinds of filter applications.


Popular application for woven monofilament meshes is screenprinting. On a frame a mesh is applied on which a mask is mounted. Through this "screen" ink is pressed onto a substrate (paper / textile). We can offer a wide range of polyester meshes from stock against very attractive prices.

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