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出自: MeshFiltration Co.,Ltd  2009/11/03
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MeshFiltration Monofilament Polyester Printing Screen is woven from yarn that is extruded from heated polyester into a single strand. The extruded thread is the spun to a precise diameter. Conventional monofilament polyester screen fabric will elongate under tension: the higher the tension level, the more the thread can stretch. At excessive tension levels, the thread reaches its "plastic deformation" point, and the screen will no longer hold tension.

General Specification of Monofilament Polyester Printing Mesh: 25mesh/inch, 30mesh/inch, 38mesh/inch, 60mesh/inch, 75mesh/inch, 80mesh/inch 100mesh/inch, 110mesh/inch, 120mesh/inch, 135mesh/inch, 160mesh/inch, 180mesh/inch, 200mesh/inch, 230mesh/inch, 250mesh/inch, 280mesh/inch, 305mesh/inch, 355mesh/inch, 380mesh/ inch, 420mesh/ inch.

MeshFiltration can supply polyester printing mesh are of high quality and precision with a wide range form 25mesh(10T)-420mesh(165T), width :0.3m to 3.9m , and there are three color available : White, Yellow and Black. Contact us at for details.

關鍵字 monofilament polyster blothing cloth, polyester printing mesh, screen printing mesh,