Polyamide Nylon Printing Mesh Fabric

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出自: MeshFiltration Co.,Ltd  2009/11/03
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Polyamide Printing Mesh and polyester mesh are the most advanced high-tech screen printing fabric products in 1990s for screen printing.

With imported high quality material, MeshFiltration produces superior quality polyester and polyamide fabric for screen printing. We also have the most advanced testing instruments and technicians well trained by Swiss experts to guarantee a reliable quality.

Specification of Polyamide Mesh for Screen Printing : 15mesh/inch, 30mesh/inch, 40mesh/inch, 50mesh/inch, 60mesh/inch, 80mesh/inch, 90mesh/inch, 100 mesh/inch, 110 mesh/inch, 120 mesh/inch, 135 mesh/inch, 160 mesh/inch, 180 mesh/inch, 200 mesh/inch, 230 mesh/inch, 250 mesh/inch, 280 mesh/inch, 305 mesh/inch, 330mesh/inch, 355mesh/inch, 380mesh/inch, 420 mesh/ inch.

Width of polyamide fabric for screen printing:
Max.width: .Width may be varies according to your requirements.

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