fire sleeve for steel plant

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steel plant cable protection sleeve Product Description series of high temperature insulation sleevings are manufactured by coating knitted 'E' glass yarn with a solvent less silicone elastomer. Hence the process has no significant environmental hazard. These sleevings are used for all types of high temperature rated electrical equipment and appliances as primary insulation or as secondary reinforcing and protection for conductprs in high heat zones and in areas of likely mechanical damage. Our Silicone Coated Glass Sleeve is of High Quality and Low Cost that gives you the best results every time. For further information please contact our sales team. 1, Product feature: The high temperature insulated fire sleeving is braided with non alkali fiberglass, and coated with silicon resin in high temperature. 2, Product reaction: Thermal protection; Insulated fireproof; resistance to voltage; heat insulation; anticorrosion and flexibility 3, Application: Main application to the steel smelting, non-ferrous metal smelting, power plant, shipyard etc the high temperature areas that need to be protective of cable, hose and pipes. 4, Basic Performance: A. Heat resistance: continuous working temperature of 560 degree C , and will withstand a moltern splash at 1650 degree C. 5, Color: Red, other colors can be customized under requirements. for much more details

關鍵字 fire sleeve, fire sleeve for steel plant, high temperature fire sleeve,

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