Postnatal Massage

出自: Hava Massage - Onsite Massage Specialist  2012/03/07
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After giving birth, postnatal massage can be a great way to boost your body back to your non-pregnant state.

Benefits of Postnatal Massage:

·         Reduce any stretch marks

·         Reduce cellulite and tone up the body

·         Relieve swelling in the legs or any other area

·         Give deep relaxation during treatment. Relaxed mama = relaxed baby!

·         Ease muscle aches and fatigue. Many moms may experience discomfort whilebreastfeeding as it could put pressure on the neck and the back. A postnatal massage works at relieving pressure and tension on the muscles in the neck and the back, helping you to relax your tired nerves

When to start a postnatal massage?

·         Normal delivery – 1 week after discharging from hospital

·         Caesarean section – wait for at least 3 weeks after delivery or when incision is properly healed

關鍵字 postnatal massage

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