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Just give us a short notice, we will come to unwind all the tension from your body after a long working day!

Hava Massage’s home massage is popular with busy Hong Kong residents who may be pampered at home.  Hava Massage is an onsite massage specilalist in Hong Kong.

What home massage can give?

Many business executives living in Hong Kong go for a massage to relax, sometimes before they go to rest, but if you get a massage at a massage center or spa and have to travel back home, all the relaxation benefits of your treatment will cut short on the way back home since relaxation requires focusing your attention within and withdrawing it from your five senses and the external world. When you are travelling back home, your senses are usually on high alert because of the sensory input of the new space.

Needless to say, there is a higher amount of privacy and you are assured of the cleanliness in the comfort of your home. When you are at home, you are so accustomed to the space, that you are able to relax more quickly. This also helps you move deeper into relaxation during the session. So if you are receiving a massage for stress relief, then home massage can deliver more stress relief.

Apart from these, home massage enables you to really prolong your relaxation. You have a great flexibility to schedule the appointment right before going to bed. Or you can plan a warm bath or other relaxation ritual before and after your massage treatment.

Do you know that when you go to a massage center to receive massage, you only receive 50-mnute massage treatment?  Massage centers or spa do this to fit more appointments into the day. Many times when you get home massage, you will receive an hour (60 minutes) or a little longer because our therapists are not as much of a rush since they usually schedule plenty of time in between clients to allot for travel time.

Are you ready for home massage?

Just prepare 2 clean towels to cover yourself and not to take a heavy meal or starve yourself before the massage. This is good enough for having massage at home.

Hava Massage strives for excellence in everything we do to provide a deep relaxation!
To better facilitate the massage treatment, Hava Massage will provide you with a headrest.  Our headrest comes with an open space in the middle of the cushion which allows better airflow and avoids pressure on the face. This ventilation design is for better airflow while having home massage. To keep your bed clean, we will also prepare some disposable bed sheet covers to prevent oil stain.

Hava Massage can also provide you with a folded massage table if you plan to have regular massage at home, we would highly recommend you to get a folded massage table. Having a massage on massage table is comfortable and the treatment even works deeper into your tension points.  It is made up of high quality hardwood with high density cell foam which facilitates you to have a deep relaxation. The last but not the least is that this folded massage table will only occupy you little space.

Clients are free to choose different types of massage treatments when having home massage. They are performed by fully qualified and experienced therapists. Our mission is to delight you with exceptional service and highly effective treatments in your own familiar surroundings.

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