Folded / Portable Massage Table

出自: Hava Massage - Onsite Massage Specialist  2012/05/28
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Hava Massage in an onsite massage specialist in Hong Kong.


With a folded massage table at home, you can easily indulge in the healing power of therapeutic touch on a regular basis anytime anywhere you like.  Receiving massage at home regularly has wide-raninging benefits: 


The portable / folded massage tables provided under Hava Massage come along with the following accessories.

Headrest:  The Headrest consists of a crescent Headrest Base and crescent Face Pad.  It will give you comfortable head and face support during massage.

Adjustable armrest shelf:  This adjustable armrest shelf is a good tool for support your arms at the front of the massage table. Hang the Armrest Shelf on the two bars of the headrest and slide the belt up or down for the optimum position.

Side arm extension: The removable side armrests add massage table width. It will give comfortable arm support, especially for clients with large build.

To conclude, this folded massage table is extremely comfortable and durable to ensure long-lasting use.


Precautionary Instructions

1.      Do not use alcohol-based cleaners when clearing the vinyl. This could cause damage to vinyl materials. Remove dirt with a mild soap and warm water.  Dry with a soft cloth.

2.      Make sure when using the massage table, the four legs are on a solid surface and at the same level.

3.      Do not overload the table beyond the recommended weight limit.  This could result in serious injury to the user.

4.      Make sure all screws are secure and the cable has not deteriorated or frayed. Check if there is any crack found in the wood structure.



The carry case should be used when storing the massage table to help protect it from damage. When not in use, store the massage table in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight. Do not expose the table to extreme (hot or cold) temperatures or moisture.

For further details or to make a purchase, please call Hava Massage at (852) 2620-0860.

Specifications of the portable / folded massage table


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