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出自: Ju Xin International (Group) Co.,Limited  2009/12/20
關鍵字 nitromethane, fuel & oil additive

Product name: Nitromethane
Molecular formula: CH3NO2
Molecular weight: 61.04

Physiochemical properties:
 Colorless transparent oily liquid, with slight aroma, relative density: (N120)1.1371, boiling point: 100.8, melting point: -28.55, refractive index: (N12)1.3819, slightly soluble in water; Can be dissolved with ethanol, ether and acetone. Inflammable, explosive, slightly toxic.

Product Specification:
 Nitromethane min %: 99.5
Moisture max %: 0.3
Chroma(platinum/cobalt)max%: 20
Free acid(in acctic acid)max%: 0.1

Used as coating and beeswax solvent of cellulose nitrate, cellulose acetate, vinyl resin, polyacrylate; Main material for chloreopicrin; Also used as rocket propellant, medicine, dyes, insecticide, bactericide, stabilizer and gasoline additive.

Packing: 225kg plastic drum, Steel drum

關鍵字 fuel & oil additive, nitromethane,

聯絡Ju Xin International (Group) Co.,Limited

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