calcium formate

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出自: Ju Xin International (Group) Co.,Limited  2009/12/20
關鍵字 calcium formate, Formic acid, cement additive

Product Description Name: Calcium Formate
Formula: Ca(HCOO)2
Molecular Weight: 130.0 CAS No.: 544-17-2

Physical and chemical property:
White crystalline powder, slightly moisture absorption, bitter, medium properties, nontoxic, Dissolve in water. S. G.: 2.023(20 deg. C) Tap density: 900-1000g/kg Decomposition temperature: >400 deg. C

Appearance White crystalline powder
 Content ; 98%
Moisture ; 0.5%
Autunite ; 30%

New feedstuff additives, suitable for various animals. Acidification, antimildew, disinfections. Also widely used in chemical, construction material and leather.

關鍵字 calcium formate, cement additive, fodder additive, Formic acid, preservatives,

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