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出自: Website Design & Graphic Design | Soul Design Workshop  2010/08/31
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SDW provides professional Website Design and Web Development services.

Website Design
We hear and understand our client requirements and needs. We'll provide our suggestions with a few draft design to narrow down the design to the correct direction. Designs are revised unlimited times until client is fully satisfy with.

Web Development
For limited-cost clients, we recommend using our basic web design package. Including front page and inner pages design, simple flash banner/intro design, contact form.

For high-end features demand clients, we recommend using award-winning open source web solutions. Such as Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. Using existing web solutions not only enhances clients on managing their website in terms of user friendliness, but also lower the cost of developing high-end web solutions because developers do not have to build the infrastructure from the ground. Moreover, using open source web solutions also enhances website's sustainability since they are usually well documented for developer's.

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