7-inch wired video door phone

7-inch wired video door phone發布自Novel Manufacture Limited

出自: Novel Manufacture Limited  2011/05/06
關鍵字 video door phone

1.Aluminum alloy panel of indoor unit, fashionable and luxury
2.Little rain and oxidation-proof for the durable aluminum alloy outdoor unit
3.7-inch color TFT LCD without radiation, low power consumption and high definition.
4.IR Camera with Night Vision
5.Electric lock-control function
6.Handfree intercom.
7.Monitoring the outside of the door
8.16 kinds of door bell rings
9.Volume, brightness and contrast adjustable
10.Easy installation by yourself with adapter and cable we provide in this kit
11.Do Have Intercom Between Each Monitor

Outdoor camera
1. Model No.: A series
2. Night Vision: IR lights, visible within 5 meters
3. Vision Angle: 92deg Wide Angle
4. Resolution: >420 TV Line
5. Plus Control: Automatically
6. Power Consumption: Standby: 0.04W; Working: 1.8W
7. Working temperature: -10deg ~50deg
8. Installation: Wall mounted

Indoor monitor
1.Screen: 7-inch wide angle TFT LCD, 16:9 Display
2.Resolution: 480RGB234
3.Power input: AC100V-240V 50Hz-60Hz Power output: DC 15V
4.Current output: 1200mAh
5.Delay Calling time: 120s ±10%
6.Delay Monitoring time: 40s ±10%
7.Valid Distance: 50M (4x0.65 mm2)
8.Power Consumption: Standby: 0.5W; Working: 8W
9.Transmitting Distance of Image: about 200m
10.Viewing Angle: 65deg
11.Adapter Input: AC100~ 240V, 50/60Hz
12.Adapter Output: DC 15V
13.Working Temperature: -10 ~50 deg
14.Standby Temperature: -20 ~60 deg
15.Installation: Wall mounted/lift on desk
16.Material: Aluminum alloy
17.Size: 235.5165.532mm

關鍵字 video door phone

聯絡Novel Manufacture Limited