Tank Agitator/Tank Mixer/Tank Blender

Tank Agitator/Tank Mixer/Tank Blender發布自Nosen Mechanical&Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd

出自: Nosen Mechanical&Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd  2010/08/17
關鍵字 Construction Equipment

 NOSEN Tank Agitator/Tank Mixer/Tank Blender is composed to Taiwan brand planetary gear speed reducer,mounting base,pole shaft,propellers. Manufacturing vertical agitator following customers’ application situations. Features: * Electricity systems from 110V to 440V,50Hz or 60 Hz,1 or 3 phases * Power from 0.25 hp to 25 hp * Revolutions from 15 rpm to 1500 rpm * Pole shaft diameter from 20 ~ 70 mm * Propeller diameter from 100 mm ~ 1500 mm Components Materials: * Taiwan brand planetary gear speed reducer * Mounting base: S45C * Pole shaft: SS304 or SS316 * Propeller: SS304 or SS316 Application: * Chemical industrial * Food processing * Agricalture

關鍵字 Construction Equipment

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