Handle Screw Jack/Hand Screw Jack

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出自: Nosen Mechanical&Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd  2010/08/17
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 * Configuration: Worm Gear, Worm Shaft, Taper Roll Bearings, Seals, Housing, Self-locking Trapezoidal Screw,etc. * Model: RN-0.5ton, RN-1 ton, RN-2 ton, RN-3 ton, RN-5 ton, RN-10 ton, RN-15 ton, RN-20 ton, RN-30 ton, RN-40 ton, RN-50 ton, RN-100 ton. * Safely self locking, Positioning Precision, Heavy Duty, Uniform Lifting Speed, Low Efficiency, Use Infrequently, Easy Installation, Low Noise. * Linear Motions: Elevating,Lowering,Pulling,Pressing,Pushing,Rolling. * Manual Operation and Electrical Operation are available. * Multiple Screw Jack Systems are availbale and fully synchronized. * Absolutely irreversible, they can support their applied loads without needing any brakes or other locking systems. * Three reduction ratio are available for each model. Fast ratio,1 turn shaft,1 mm stroke; Medium ratio,1 turn shaft,0.5 mm stroke;Low ratio,1 turn shaft,0.25 mm stroke.

關鍵字 Industrial Equipment

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