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出自: Konlen HK Technology Limited  2010/11/22
關鍵字 IP camera, CCTV camera, Wireless IP camera

   * Support level and vertical rotation, auto-cruise * Motion detection, alarm sensor input and output * Support audio monitor and talkback * Support cellphone visit   The WIFI PTZ IP camera is recently launched a homely used consumption IP camera which is applicable to family, office and chain store monitor. It is popular with its low-cost, good-quality, multi-function super stability and welcomed by customers. 0.3 mega pixels provide high quality images, wireless, pan tilt, two-way audio and infrared LED. It meets all kinds of customer's requirements. DDNS bounded and easily-used centralized monitor system, it reduces the amount of work to engineer to install and maintain. To terminal users, there is no need of too much proffessional knowledge and instruction, just need the ability to use home appliance, can realize computer, mobile phone remote monitor. With low cost it can realize the chain store and enterprise branch monitor.   Feature: 1.Three browse modes, provide free 64 channel software, find appliance automatically, remote monitor, remote play recorder, easy to operate. 2. Provide DDNS, built-in self-developed domain, for example, http:****.IPcamera.com, input URL directly, you can visit the IP camera through internet. There is no need to worry about IP change. 3. Support wireless and provide free mobile phone monitor client, whenever and wherever you want to see. 4. With pan and tilt, support preset position function/preset position with cruise automatically. 5. Two-way audio, real-time monitor and surveillance. 6. P2P technology, provide unlimited customer visit at the same time under fixed bandwidth, save band width greatly. 7. Built-in motion detection function, client send alarm siren, snapshot and record, send pictures, FTP upload video and alarm, support message alarm, skype message alarm, skype telephone alarm. 8. Have alarm block box particularly, it can make IP camera and wireless alarm terminal linkage, overturn the traditional alarm mode, IP camera replace the traditional alarm host, reduce the cost, provide alarm accuracy rate, telephone alarm and such special function, economic, convenience.

關鍵字 CCTV camera, IP camera, WIFI IP camera, Wireless IP camera,

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