Top GSM PSTN alarm system KL-H28

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出自: Konlen HK Technology Limited  2010/07/26
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NAME: GSM PSTN Dual Network Alarm System
TEL(landline)/GSM dual network alarm system;Blue backup LCD show;Door bell function;Any zone type programmble;SMS text programmble;Most functions can be abled/disabled;Watchdog zone can monitor the old, the sick and the important place;85 kindes of event record displaying.

Basic Function
8 wireless zones, can totally registered 51 detectors
7 wired zones
One 12v alarm output,
Learning code
Call & SMS alert
SMS remote control
6 group of alarm phone number
15 kinds of SMS text programmble
SMS inquiry the panel arming/disarming status
Sending SMS to programe the panel
Listen in & speak function
Panel with MIC /speaker & backup battery inside
1. Can work via signal network, telephone line or GSM SIM card
2. Can work both with telephone line and GSM network; make alarm call via telephone network, and send SMS alert via GSM network. When telephone network fails, it can auto switch over to GSM network sending SMS and calling.
3. Blue backup LCD display everything you want to know about the panel.
4. Full compliance with ADEMCO contact ID.
a. When alarming, you can hear which sensor in which zone is alarming.
b. Voice prompt you how to operate for every step.
5. 85 kinds of event records about alarming/disarming/alarming etc, viewable directly on the panel LCD.
6. 12 seconds voice message, in case of alarming, automatically playing after you pick up the phone.
7. Any of detector can be defined as door bell in disarming mode.
8. Any of detectors can be defined just for siren sounding but no dialing out when triggered in disarming mode, which can use for shop/supermarket clients entry reminder etc.
9. Any zone type programmable , including watchdog zone, arm delay, entry delay alarm, armed/partial armed, sounder/mute alarm, 24 hour zones/common zones, etc. The functions can be abled/disabled by user.
10. Watchdog zones: monitor the old, the sick and the important place; when the old or the sick doesnt move, or the important warehouse hasnt human presence in preset time, the panel will alarm.
11. Panel can receive the detector low voltage siganl and display zone number and detector number on the LCD and sound a beep to remind of user changing the battery.
12. 15 groups of SMS text programmble; user can able/disable the SMS as per actual needs.
13. 7 wired terminals, 12v alarm output, 12v power output, wired siren terminal.
14. Can programmed 6 groups of fixed auto-arm/disarm time.
15. Away arm & stay arm; any zone can be seperately armed/disarmed.
16. The remote controller can be set as panic button for sounder help or mute help when alarming.
17. Siren beeping while away arming for reminding user panel armed successfully.

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