GSM GPS car alarm

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出自: Konlen HK Technology Limited  2010/07/26
關鍵字 car alarm, GSM car alarm, GSM GPS car alarm

NAME: GSM/GPS car alarm system

Perfect GSM car alarm function with engine starter
GPS location

Model GPS/GSM KL-P51B, it is a device owes Auto Anti-theft function and Vehicle Security System combined with powerful GPS tracking. You can receive alert notifications, remotely disable vehicle ignition system and ask for SOS help from anywhere. It also allows you to located and control in real-time anywhere in the word at anytime. It integrated the two ways alarm system like our other alarm models, hand free phone call, GPS location and tracking and Enable/disable Remote start.
Packing list:
One main device, two remote control, one wireless keyboard, one vibrating sensor, one voice speaker, one Siren, one GSM Antenna, one GPS antenna, one 2P2 Power cable, one 4P4 Indicator LED, one 4P4 control cable, one 6P5 engine starter, one 6P6 signal detector cable, one electricity power control, one MIC, three band cable, two double sides Sticker, one user manual, one installation diagram                 
  Anti-theft functions:
  Door open/ car vibration/car moving /battery low/power disconnected alert
  Alert call to user’s telephone by voice
  Stop engine by phone
  Central lock automation
  Arming and closing windows automatically
  Anti-robbery functions
  Stealthy SOS button built-in
  Remote voice broadcast
  Remote monitoring the sound in the car
  Lock the door automatically against pushing Pedal brake
  Handsfree phone call
  Talking with the driver
  One key dial
  Volume adjustment
  Other useful functions:
  GSM signals weak warning
  Silent alarm mode available
  Shock sensor sensitivity adjustment available
  Light flash and sound alarm
  Emergency number reorganization, refuse strange phone number
  Be compatible with factory original remote fobs
  Remote start the air conditioner
  Remote start off
  GPS function
  GPS Locating and tracking
  Locating by telephone;
  Locating and real-time on pre-set time tracking by SMS;
  Global Track Web Client with Excellent Google earth support;
  Local language support
  Support vector map with Geographic symbol, satellite image, or hybrid mode
  Very clear satellite image view

關鍵字 car alarm, GSM car alarm, GSM GPS car alarm

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