gsm alarm system

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出自: Konlen HK Technology Limited  2010/07/26
關鍵字 GSM Alarm system, gsm alarm, burglar alarm


Voice reminder
Call & SMS alert
Wired & wireless zones
SMS/TEL remote control
Independent partial arm
3 relay output control
GSM signal weak reminder

Function & Feature
1. With voice reminder when users operate the system
2. Each zone with independent arm/disarm function
3. 2 wired zones, 12 wireless zones
4. 3 Relay output to control your home appliances
5. Work with external Microphone
6. Work with external speaker
7. Sound alarm & mute alarm optional.
8. Send SMS to remind users when GSM signal becomes weak
9. External Armed & disarmed status LED indicator.
10. Work with wired & wireless sensor
11. Each wireless zone can match countless wireless sensors 
12. Users pre-record voice in the system. 
13. Send SMS to 3 mobile phones and auto-dial 3 phones.
14. Users use any phone to listen in what is happening inside the house.
15. Program and control the system by keyboard, remotes, SMS or phone.
16. Send SMS to inform users which zone is alarming and will call users or the police after system is triggered
17. Use SMS to change the zone name & content      
18. Use SMS to inquiry the system status wherever    
19. With password protection, System will inform users when input wrong password for 3 times
20. Wireless Emergency function (24 hours zone)
21. Use can connect additional rechargeable battery with main unit terminal.
22. Send SMS to inform you when the power is failure or returns to normal.
23. With Backup rechargeable battery, system can work even when the power is failure or cut by intruder.
24. When GSM signal is weak or there is no signal, it will send SMS or siren will make sound to inform users

關鍵字 burglar alarm, gsm alarm, GSM Alarm system, home alarm, wireless alarm

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