GPS tracker for car

出自: Konlen HK Technology Limited  2010/11/22
關鍵字 GPS tracker, GPRS vehicle fleet management software, GPS tracking system,

   Positioning call Locating and tracking in real timeTrack playback GPS data download and report statisticsSave/delete mileage and StatisticsGSM blind make a report after the informationCut off the oil (/ recovery circuit)Terminal information inquiryOverspeeding alarmEnter or exit the electronic fence alarmThe designated route deviate warning Parking alarm overtimeFatigue driving alarmIdle time-out alarmCustom alarm sensorEmergency help alarmMain power off alarm terminalGPS antenna short circuit, open circuit alarmCan set GPRS data uploading time intervalRemote control and inquiry via SMS and software Work with camera With the camera monitor, the situation of the car will be photographed when the function is triggered. The trackers installed with camera can upload the electronic pictures to the GPRS software management platform via server.

關鍵字 GPRS vehicle fleet management software, GPS tracker, GPS tracking system, GPS vehicle tracker,

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