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出自: Konlen HK Technology Limited  2010/07/23
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 NAME: GSM HOME ALARM SYSTEMMODEL: KL-H21B Learning codeHome alarmCall & SMS alertSMS remote control16 zones for wireless detector 3 zones for wired detector2 relay output control home applianceFunction & Feature1. GSM 900/1800/1900 bands, can be used in most parts of the world2. Full duplex communication with the host3. Monitor the scene environment4. Voice and message alert 5. SMS order control main unit  6. SMS modify the zone name freely   7. Set alarm ON or OFF by remote controller8. Can set Home Arm and Out Arm mode9. Call in to set alarm ON, OFF, Monitor, Output, Intercom.10. Send SMS to set alarm ON, OFF, Monitor, Output11. 5 group phone + room number + 1 group alarm monitor center phone number12. 2 group phone to report arm and disarm status13. Can program 7 groups of alarm messages14. 3 zones for wired detector15. 16 zones for wireless detector 16. 2 outputs, can be used with external circuit to control home appliance17. Easily set ON or OFF for every wired or wireless detector18. SMS inform if external power failure or recovery

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