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出自: Ltd  2010/04/14
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   We are a department store for the European Shopping Service. We mainly to provide the shopping services for  about 500 million online European customers.All of goods be form China. We will contact the Production Suppliers and cooperation with them . Wholesale or retail their products for our European customers. Our head office is in France ,they support to promotion in European . We will provide something about information in supermarket .The people will get the information when they checkout . And then,we according to the products to provede the corresponding supplier for some importers, wholesalers. China is the largest industrial country  in the world. Most of the goods be production and export from China, the European people are prefer to buy goods from China.More and more European customers hope we can provide different kinds of products for them. We  made  a good relationship wity many European customers. We have got a large number of key words from google .eu serch, So that the European customers more easily to serch the  items . Shall we  talk about the cooperation with your company  marketing department?My tel:852 31804387

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