Minicards Program

Minicards Program發布自Minicards Consultant (Hong Kong) Limited

出自: Minicards Consultant (Hong Kong) Limited  2011/03/31
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Why Minicards?
Accurate – Locating near the concierge/lobby/ information center help to reach your target customers effectively with limited wastage

Sustainable – The tailor-made minicards could have extensive exposure in various locations that help to increase the chance to reach your potential customers

Measurable – Measure Minicards usage easily by receiving every Minicard from your customers

Brand building – The unique “call for action” feature makes Minicards easier to be seen by tourists several times per day. Minicards could also be kept by your customers and passed to their friends and relatives for their next travel reference.

Trouble-free – We will take care of all the printing and distribution procedures for you!

Eco-friendly –Minicards are not only printed in authorized recycled paper, but also help you to minimize the number of printing in large brochure.

目標.準確– 放於禮賓部/大堂/詢問處的Minicards 陳列架可讓您更有效地接近目標客戶。

持續.不斷- 為您度身訂造的Minicard將會放於不同地點的Minicards陳列架上一段時間,讓您可把握每個機會接觸潛在客戶。

量度.簡易- 顧客給您的每一張Minicard, 皆可作為一個用量指標。

品牌.建立 – 獨有的Minicards “call for action”特色, 不但讓旅客於旅途隨意取出細閱, 更可於旅程後作為紀念或轉交親友作下次觀光之用, 助您成為出色品牌!

顧慮.全無  – 我們會為您打點一切, 您無需為印刷或上架的程序憂心。

環境.保護 – Minicards不但以認可之再造紙, 更可減少您列印大型小冊子的數量, 一舉多得。



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