Planning Consultancy

出自: Aikon Development Consultancy Limited  2011/07/15

We serve our clients’ needs by addressing their vision and the practicalities of delivery, as well as the complex requirements of the Planning and Land Administrative system. We assess the risks to success and how these can be best addressed and managed. Our clients range from corporate developer to individual owner who possesses different types of property such as agricultural land, building land, residential premises, commercial office, industrial premises, retail shop, religious institution, warehouse/workshop, etc.

We assist our clients to understand and manage the town planning and land administrative process such that they can see their projects through to obtain relevant approvals from Government.

Our Professional Team Members come from both public and private sector backgrounds. They understand the concerns of both sectors, are well placed to negotiate with them, and provide high quality advice designed to advance the client’s aims in the most effective and possible way.

我們致力協助客戶在現時法定城市規劃和地政管理制度下所遇到的複雜問題,滿足及實現客戶為增值其物業的抱負,並以此作為我們的服務宗旨。一般而言,我們先為客户之物業評估其更改用途獲得政府批准的可能性,並提供專業建議及最好的解決方法。我們的客戶範圍從發展商到個別業主,當中涉及不同類型的房產物業,如農業用地、建築用地、住宅大厦、商業辦公室、工業廠房、零售店舖、宗教用途物業、倉庫 /工場等。



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