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出自: GZY Pipe Fitting Industries  2010/04/02
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 Our mill has been developing and producing special alloy for high performance applications. Based on the rich experience in technology and management over 30 years, our mill integrating R&D, trade and manufacture, has advanced manufacturing equipments, rigid management system and normative quality control process. We can provide sectional materials and castings such as bar, rod, tube, pipe, plate, sheet, strip, belt and wire. According to the requirements of the clients, we furtherly customize special alloys, as well as guide samples, high precision spare parts and pressure vessel made of special alloy . They are extensively applied in the fields of oil service, petrochemical industry, national defense, nuclear industry, aviation and power generation, etc.   Industry sectors Oil & Gas, Nuclear Power , Petro-chemical, Chemical Industry , Aerospace , Power Generation   Special alloy solution Stable Quality Assurance , Flexible Business Mode , Customers-oriented Service , Punctual and Safe delivery , Strict Cost Control , Special Product Customization Guide Samples Customization: The guide samples we provided have obtained certifications approved by the National Material Inspection Department.

關鍵字 Specialist Steel

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