Cobalt base alloys (Co-based)

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出自: GZY Pipe Fitting Industries  2010/04/02
關鍵字 Specialist Steel

 Cobalt-based Alloy has good hardness of high and normal temperature, excellent high-temperature intensity, anti-fatigue properties in high-temperature, thermal shock resistance and good performance of the impact of anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance, with the properties of high wear resistance of wear tablet and the good anti-intermetallic wear. Cobalt-based super alloys are non-ferrous magnetic alloys with high strength and toughness, excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance, and high temperature strength – all key qualities for a 'superalloy', In addition, cobalt can also be magnetized, which adds to its potential uses. Cobalt's properties result in the use of Cobalt-based superalloys in jet engine components, prosthetic devices, magnets, and cutting tool binders. Cobalt is a useful alloying element in tool, maraging, and other alloy steels. Mainly used its wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance in the manufacture, repair and pre-protection of all kinds spare parts under the mining conditions.  Data Sheet: Name Int. standard ASTM Standard Bristish Standard DIN standard UNS Co-based  UMCo-50 UMCo-50      

關鍵字 Specialist Steel

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