SMD LED flexible strip 5050-60

SMD LED flexible strip 5050-60發布自P & J lighting co., limited

出自: P & J lighting co., limited  2011/02/26
關鍵字 LED Lighting, p&j, SMD led strip,

 1.Adopt ultra-thin FPC as the mother board, can be bent as you like, can be fixed at any irregular place, with rich color

2.Every 3 LEDS is a uint , flexible printed circuit, can be cut and connected as you like.Max length is 5M/reel.More than 5m, need parallel connection

3.DC 12V, safe to people. 3M adhesive  tape on backside, easy to install. Can be fixed at any place.

4.Ultra-small size, widht is 10mm only. Standard length is 5m/reel, led quantity is 300pcs/reel, the power is 72W. Packing with anti-static bag.

5.Long life span (more than 50,000)

6.Water proof SMD LED flexible strip,the protection level is IP65, completely suit the indoor and outdoor install. 

關鍵字 LED Lighting, p&j, SMD led strip,

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