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出自: Ianick Design Studio  2015/10/08
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A logo identifies a company or product via the use of a mark, flag, symbol or signature. A logo does not sell the company directly nor rarely does it describe a business. Logos derive their meaning from the quality of the thing they symbolise, not the other way around - logos are there for identity, not to explain. For true, a logo means is more important than what it looks like. http://www.ianickdesign.com/logo_design_services_page.html http://www.ianickdesign.com/portfolio.html

關鍵字 Design House, Graphic Design, Hong Kong, logo, logo design

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leaflet design for SPA Retreat發布自Ianick Design Studio 縮略圖

leaflet design for SPA Retreat

Ianick Design Studio - Yes! We do 'Simplicity itself'

由Ianick Design Studio設計的 Asian Property Services 網站發布自Ianick Design Studio 縮略圖

由Ianick Design Studio設計的 Asian Property Services 網站

Ianick Design Studio provide professional photography, graphic design and web design services, which fit with all kind of businesses. We are different from other design houses, as we can provide the combined services of graphic design, web design and a photographic studio. Our slogan, "simplicity itself", means that our design should keep simple, bold and stylish. It is more effective for the audience to get the message if the design is elegant and pleasing.

由Ianick Design Studio拍攝的WNK產品發布自Ianick Design Studio 縮略圖

由Ianick Design Studio拍攝的WNK產品

我們IANICK DESIGN STUDIO是一所能提供一站式平面設計、網頁設計及產品攝影的工作室,閣下不用再費神如何尋找及整合不同設計及攝影公司提供的服務,以節省完成專案的時間。 我們的口號,“簡約“,意味著我們的設計應保持簡單,大膽而時尚。如果設計典雅,賞心悅目,這是更有效使觀眾得到消息。 在全球經濟中,成功的企業需要有一個獨特的設計,才能在市場上脫穎而出。偉大的設計可以提高公司的識別身份和促進它的企業形象。

由Ianick Design Studio設計的WNK leaflet發布自Ianick Design Studio 縮略圖

由Ianick Design Studio設計的WNK leaflet

認識Ianick 是一所能提供一站式平面設計、網頁設計及產品攝影的工作室,閣下不用再費神如何尋找及整合不同設計及攝影公司提供的服務,以節省完成專案的時間。 我們的口號,“簡約“,意味著我們的設計應保持簡單,大膽而時尚。如果設計典雅,賞心悅目,這是更有效使觀眾得到消息。 在全球經濟中,成功的企業需要有一個獨特的設計,才能在市場上脫穎而出。偉大的設計可以提高公司的識別身份和促進它的企業形象。 www.ianickdesign.com