Multi-function alarm system G50BE

Multi-function alarm system G50BE發布自HONG KONG SINDA TECHLONOGY

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When you need a GSM alarm system for your home or office the best one you can get is the GSM wireless alarm system. These systems are becoming very popular all over the world because of the many advantages they offer. One advantage is that these wireless security alarm system are more advanced and reliable than the older systems were..It based on GSM communication network and LCD menu display technology. when any sensor triggered,It will call&send SMS to user preset phone number,This system have two models:G50BE,G50BEL
Main functions
 1,Simcom GSM module
 2.Color LCD screen, keypad with color background light
3. Maximum 24 wireless zones including 1 wireless SOS zone, 1 wireless fire alarm zone and 1 external power failure alarm zone. (Note:every wireless zone can Configurate numberless wireless sensors)
 4.Maximum 2 wired zones.
 5.You can record your voice in the mainframe in advance and will call you or the police and play the voice when alarming.
6.With fixed time arming/partial arming/disarming function
7.Work with monitoring center, such as police station.
8Fixed code or Learning code(EV1527orPT2262) for wireless accessories.
9.Send SMS to 3 preset mobile phone numbers and Auto-dial 3 preset phone numbers while alarming. 
10.With AC power status monitor function and password protection function
11. Modify 8 wireless zones’ name and check the system status by SMS.
12.Zone classification prevent inside thieves effectively.
13.220 wireless address encode reduce the rate of same code greatly.
14.Define the 8 wireless zones as arm/partial arm by control keyboard on the mainframe.
15.With internal MIC and speaker.External high sensitivity MIC or speaker (optional)
16.Wireless Emergency function(24 hours zone):you can press the button to alarm immediately in order to get help if in emergencies.
17. External power failure alarm.Switch to Backup rechargeable battery when the power is failure or cut by intruder.
18.Two way voice communication function
19.With Main unit with tamper switch.
20. FCC & CE certified.

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